Dr. Oz Campaigns in Lackawanna County

DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA CO. — Dr. Mehmet Oz visited a trucking company in Dunmore this afternoon

Closing out his Victory November tour, this past week, Dr. Oz has been to Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Bethel Park, Erie and here in our backyard to name a few.

He visited the Road Scholar Transport company today to learn more about the challenges the trucking industry has been facing including rising gas prices, shipping delays, and inflation.

“Everyone is saying the same thing, we’re canceling our vacations, we’re not doing things or purchasing things we would normally, and we’re worried about our livelihoods because our own businesses are at risk because we cannot get basic supplies to do our job” said Oz.

Dr. Oz was greeted by Owner Jimmy Barrett, Lackawanna County Commissioner Chris Chermak, and truckers who struggle everyday with the cost of gas.

“There’s a shortage of fuel, prices, everything is a little crazy. You find a truck stop that has cheaper gas right across the street and it’s just packed. It takes a half hour to get into a lot even sometimes” said David Wingler, a driver for the Road Scholar Transport Company.

Oz says that the business owners in Pennsylvania have a clear vision about how they want to run their companies but look for less interference.

“They would ask me if I am an American leader, if I’m in the Senate, can you get out of our way? Let us do our jobs, don’t make new rules and regulations that put levies and taxes on that hinder our ability to do our jobs well” says Oz.

Dr. Oz says that he is very excited and confident for his campaign and the next five months, despite polls released yesterday showing he is trailing Democratic opponent, Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Source: https://fox56.com/local-shows/dr-oz-campaigns-in-lackawanna-county

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