Oz visits Tom and Joe’s Diner

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate walked around a crowded dining area at Tom and Joe’s in Altoona Wednesday morning to talk with people.

Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke with diners while they were eating breakfast. Many of the diners were there just to have a meal and exclaimed their surprise at the celebrity heart surgeon’s presence. That did not stop them from getting the chance to shake hands, snap pictures and chat with Oz.

Oz said that he is touring the state and making his way to different places in the area.

“My campaign manager is from Altoona, I think he brings me here so often because he wants to sleep in his own bed,” he said.

Oz said he has been to Blair County many times and has been to several events hosted by the local Republican Party.

Some points he mentioned were area residents feeling the hit from inflation and their concerns about energy, crime and border security.

“When we put those together it is a recipe for change. As an outsider, I want to address issues in ways that haven’t been thought of all the way before,” Oz said.

One of his plans to help the local economy is through using the state’s natural gas resources.

“We have so much natural gas under our feet, if we could use it we could build up communities and dramatically change the prices of energy, which would reduce inflation,” Oz said.

He added that taking advantage of the state’s resources would also help the country to be more secure as a nation while also providing energy independence and dominance in the world.

After his stop in Altoona, he continued his tour with stops in Ebensburg, Johnstown and a rally in the eastern part of the state.

Source: https://www.altoonamirror.com/news/local-news/2022/06/oz-visits-tom-and-joes-diner/

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