Senate primary candidate Dr. Oz visits Somerset County

WTAJ February 17, 2022

By Aaron Marrie, Jordan Tracy:

SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — Dr. Mehmet Oz, a current Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate GOP primary candidate visited Somerset county on Wednesday to host a town hall.

Dr. Oz visited the Summit Diner, located on Center Avenue in Somerset where he met and chatted with locals ahead of his town hall to find out what issues were happening in Somerset.

Some of the families he spoke with expressed their concerns with opioids and staffing issues. Dr. Oz responded by expressing his desire to strengthen the border and criticized how the Biden administration for what he called “paying people not to work.”

“In Somerset County, without question, I’m hearing about the fact not enough people are going to work,” Dr. Oz said. “We are paying people not to work which is hurting the people who are working.”

He then went on to discuss how drug issues in the area could connect to those who aren’t working.

“I’m also hearing about drugs and I’ve covered this a lot in my show,” Dr. Oz said. “When you get people who don’t have work, they get depressed, they don’t have a purpose in their lives, they turn to drugs.”

When Dr. Oz, who lived in New Jersey for 30 years, was asked why he was running for the Pennsylvania seat on the U.S. Senate he talked about something his father told him when he was young.

“I grew up south of Philadelphia, near mushroom capital of the world Kennett Square,” Dr. Oz said. “That’s where my dad said don’t be treated like a mushroom or you’ll be kept in the dark and fed manure all day long. That’s what’s been happening to a lot of people in Pennsylvania.”

Afterward, around 9 a.m. Dr. Oz visited Guy Chemical Company Inc. in Somerset to host a town hall event.

During the town hall, one crowd member asked him about being called a “Republican in name only”, which is something seen in attack ads. Dr. Oz told the crowd he is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and said his opponent, David McCormick has connections to China.

Dr. Oz, who is currently leading in early polls, is one of many Republican candidates looking to represent their party in the general election in November. Some of his opponents include former lawmakers and business leaders. Dr. Oz has also been very critical of how the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled.

“They didn’t respect doctors as the main caregivers,” Dr. Oz said. “If you take doctors out of the equation, which they did, they didn’t let us prescribe any medication. I still don’t have a pill I can give to you that’s available at a drug store to help you if you got Covid. How is that possible? We’ve had some of these pills in existence before Covid hit our shores.”


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