Will Pennsylvania become the land of Oz?

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — The 2022 campaign season is now underway with lots of candidates crisscrossing the state, seeking open for governor and U.S. Senate. Mehmet Oz is hoping to turn his name recognition as a TV doc into a new role as a Pennsylvania senator.

“My dad when I was in third grade, I remember he said we’re gonna be republican and I said why he said because republicans have better ideas,” Oz said.

But, is it a good idea that a successful heart surgeon turned host of a popular television show run for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania? The doctor in Oz says the country’s in code blue.

“COVID underlined for me and emboldened the failure of the federal government to serve us and I feel I can play a role in improving that,” Oz added.

But what land is Oz from? He lives in New Jersey, works in New York, and has for years. However, he says he is not a Jersey guy. He adds that he went to school and met his wife in Philadelphia and now lives just outside.

“I don’t know how we took the same oath when we both graduated from medical school,” Akroosh said. “We have seen what happens when television personalities get power in Washington and I don’t think there’s anyone in Pennsylvania who wants to see a re-run of that show.”

Oz, who once supported moderate Republicans but has veered right, and is now proudly pro-life and pro-gun, plus anti-COVID mandates and shutdowns. “I’m not a popular guy sometimes amongst my liberal friends.”

“I actually think people are much less concerned about where I’m from than what I stand for and the values that I hold are deeply held by many Pennsylvanians,” Oz said.

Democrat Val Akroosh wants to become the first woman doctor ever elected to the United State Senate. She says Oz has pushed bogus diet pills and unproven COVID treatments.

But, he would like to be popular with a certain former president.

“I have spoken to President Trump but he’s gonna make a decision when he feels the time is right,” Oz said. When asked if he wants the endorsement, he said yes, but does not know that the president is gonna give an endorsement in Pennsylvania.

Oprah Winfrey won’t endorse either. She first introduced Dr. Oz to the world, produced his first show, and, he says, supports his quest if not his politics.

“Oprah all along has been about living your best life doing what you need to do to make the world a better place and bring light to the world,” Oz adds.

Oz certainly has fame and fortune, but is that enough? We will see. The primary election is set for May 17, 2022.

Source: https://www.abc27.com/news/this-week-in-pennsylvania/pennsylvania-politics/senate-candidate-mehmet-oz-visits-midstate-and-discusses-residency/

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