Dr. Mehmet Oz Holds Agriculture Roundtable in North East

NORTH EAST, Pa. — Dr. Mehmet Oz hosted a roundtable discussion today at Mobilia Fruit Farms in North East in Erie County. The event was attended by several members of the local agricultural community who spoke with Dr. Oz about the negative impact that inflation, intrusive big-government policies, and overregulation have had on their businesses since Joe Biden took office.

Dr. Oz shared his desire to be an advocate for the small business and agricultural communities, and he promised to fight for them as Pennsylvania’s next U.S. Senator: 

“Farmers in Pennsylvania are frustrated by crippling regulations and sky-high industry prices that are passed along to consumers. My dad grew up as a farmer, and I understand what it means to sacrifice everything to help your business thrive. As Senator, I’ll make sure that Pennsylvania farmers get the support and recognition that they deserve.” 


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