Fetterman Dodges Oct 5th Nexstar Debate

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — Today marks the 5th debate that John Fetterman will officially dodge. The original Nexstar debate was scheduled for October 5th and would’ve been broadcast across Pennsylvania tonight. Dr. Oz accepted the invitation, but John Fetterman’s campaign refused, opting to create their own debate on October 25th – which better suited Fetterman’s plan to hide his radical views and his health from public scrutiny until after many Pennsylvanians have already begun casting ballots.

“Another day, another debate dodged by John Fetterman. No doubt Fetterman’s campaign will try to lie and say they accepted the Nexstar debate…except they didn’t. John Fetterman will try anything to deceive and lie to the voters about his health and avoid tough questions about his past record of pardoning convicted murderers against the wishes of families and law enforcement as well as his push to decriminalize heroin in Pennsylvania,” said Brittany Yanick, Communications Director for the Dr. Oz campaign. 

John Fetterman has dodged FIVE debates:

  1. KDKA / CBS2 in Pittsburgh on Sep 6th – DODGED!
  2. WFMZ / Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber on Sep 9th – DODGED!
  3. WGAL / NBC 8 in Harrisburg on Sep 26th – DODGED!
  4. PCN / PA Chamber in Hershey on Oct 3rd – DODGED!
  5. NEXSTAR in Harrisburg on Oct 5th – DODGED!


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