Fetterman Supports Higher Inflation – Student Loan Cancellation

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — John Fetterman supports radical left-wing plans to cancel student loan debt, which would cost taxpayers about $400 billion, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Even former Obama economic advisor Larry Summers has acknowledged that student loan cancellation will contribute to inflation and encourage college tuition increases. 

“The radical Biden-Fetterman plan to cancel student loans would be at the top of the list of most-expensive executive actions in the history of America. Not only will this radical plan drive up costs for future students, it will increase inflation and force hardworking Pennsylvanians to foot the bill. PA plumbers, truck drivers, and construction workers shouldn’t have to pay for the degrees of those who didn’t save for college or those who chose expensive programs. But John Fetterman doesn’t care, his far-left agenda is more important than the wallets of working-class Pennsylvanians,” said the Oz campaign Communications Director Brittany Yanick.

“Pennsylvania has many more-affordable education options and a major need for workers across almost every sector of our economy. That’s why Dr. Oz has advocated for commonsense funding solutions for career and technical education and low-income education programs that help grow opportunities for those with the greatest need. Dr. Oz has also led the effort to encourage young people of all backgrounds to enter highly-skilled careers by funding scholarship programs like #MoreBlackDoctors,” added Yanick.


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