ICYMI – Dr. Oz in Washington Examiner: Pennsylvanians Deserve Safety and Economic Prosperity Once Again

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — Amid record-setting homicide rates in Philadelphia and rising crime rates across Pennsylvania, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, published an op-ed in the Washington Examiner on making Pennsylvania communities safer and more prosperous.

Washington Examiner Op-Ed: Pennsylvanians Deserve Safety and Economic Prosperity Once Again 

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Skyrocketing crime. Record-breaking homicides. Families living in fear.

Pennsylvania, the birthplace of freedom and once a national leader in security and prosperity, has fallen under attack by a woke, progressive liberalism that believes it is acceptable to loot, rob, and harm others with impunity and vilifies police officers while violent crime goes unpunished.

This brand of criminals-first politics, championed by Democratic Senate candidate and Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, has ushered in a culture of subjective justice in which radical extremism is placed above the democratic rule of law and safe streets. Violent offenders avoid prosecution, immigration law is ignored in so-called sanctuary cities, and law-abiding citizens are left defenseless. Progressive leaders, more concerned with virtue signaling than with upholding the rule of law, have stood idly by while businesses are robbed, citizens are attacked, and neighborhoods are torn apart.

The consequences are hard to ignore: In 2021, Philadelphia suffered a record-breaking 521 homicides, which earned us the highest per capita murder rate among the nation’s 10 largest cities. With drastic spikes in carjackings and robberies, Philadelphia has become an unrecognizable hotbed of crime.

Unfortunately, the city is on track for another record-breaking year. The cavalier attitude of radical liberal leaders has created an environment in which criminals across Pennsylvania are more likely to be pardoned than prosecuted, and yet liberal politicians refuse to change course. Fetterman’s proposed response to the surge in crime is to release a third of Pennsylvania’s prison population back onto the streets, reduce the minimum sentence for murderers, and increase the number of criminals pardoned each year. This is dangerous, immoral, and unacceptable.

On immigration, disastrous Democratic policies are fueling the drug abuse epidemic across America by allowing deadly fentanyl to flood our communities. Pennsylvania has paid one of the gravest prices. In 2021 , Pennsylvania was third only to California and Florida in drug overdoses, with an estimated 5,360 people losing their lives from overdose.

Meanwhile, small-business owners who are doing their best to cope with the chaos of crime on their front steps are also being walloped by high gas prices and record inflation, both of which were fueled by Democratic lockdowns and out-of-control spending. These price hikes are hidden taxes on everything we buy, shrinking every worker’s take-home pay and making it more difficult to afford necessities such as groceries and gas. President Joe Biden’s failure to address rampant inflation leaves lower-income families struggling to afford the steepest price increases in 40 years.

What Democrats don’t seem to understand is that the erosion of public safety and economic prosperity they’ve overseen has hurt everyday citizens the most. Across Pennsylvania, hardworking families who follow the law, send their children to school, and pay their taxes are being repaid with crumbling communities, unprecedented violent crime, and an underequipped, overworked police force.

In a world where politicians side with criminals instead of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and families, we are all robbed of the right to pursue prosperity. Safety and security form one of the cornerstones of any free society. Without safe neighborhoods, all other aspects of success, in education, business, and community, are impossible. We need leaders who understand this and will work to defend those they represent by implementing policies that ensure security, liberty, and justice for all.

In the Senate, I will take a principled stand against the radical Left, whose policies have allowed crime to run rampant. I will remind them that Pennsylvania belongs to hardworking families across the commonwealth, not to woke career politicians who can’t even follow their own rules. Unlike the radical, liberal politicians of Philadelphia, I will not allow out-of-touch ideology to demonize our law enforcement heroes or supersede the safety of our citizens.

The Democratic agenda is wrong for Pennsylvania families, business owners, and community members. Our hardworking citizens shouldn’t have to live in fear. As our next senator, I will work to ensure that our cities never go the way of San Francisco or Chicago, that our brave first responders are respected and properly trained, and that our streets and neighborhoods are safe for everyone to enjoy.

Pennsylvanians deserve nothing less.


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