ICYMI: Fetterman’s Hometown TV Station Calls Him Out for Not Debating Oz

ICYMI — John Fetterman’s hometown news station, Channel 4 – WTAE/ABC, called out Fetterman last night for ducking debates with Dr. Oz.

As a reminder: John Fetterman STILL won’t agree to either: a Second Debate (or) a 90-Minute Debate

Click here or below to watch.

Key Excerpt: “We are entering the final six weeks of campaigning for the November elections. In Pennsylvania, the governorship and a U.S. Senate seat top the list of critically important races. But a key difference in 2022, is something missing from the two biggest campaigns: debates, plural…..Recently, Democrat John Fetterman agreed to a single debate with Republican Mehmet Oz. Fetterman’s campaign cites health limitations as he continues to recover from a stroke, which is understandable. But, when you’re trying to convince voters you can handle the rigors of working in Congress, let alone explain your positions on all the topics senators face, you cannot fit that all into one debate,” said Charles W. Wolfertz III, WTAE President & General Manager. 

Wolfertz’s comments follow a recent editorial by Fetterman’s hometown newspaper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, also calling John Fetterman out for not debating Dr. Oz.


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