ICYMI – President Trump said it best: Dave McCormick is Not MAGA

ICYMI: On Friday night in Greensburg, President Trump didn’t hold anything back on why he thinks David McCormick is wrong for Pennsylvania:

“Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, and all of the other RINOs that are trying to destroy our party and destroy our country fit in so nicely with David McCormick, that’s the way it is.”

“So I don’t know David well and he may be a nice guy, but he’s not MAGA. He’s not MAGA.”

“I do know that he was with a company that managed money for Communist China and he is absolutely the candidate of special interests and globalists and the Washington establishment and those are the people that are not only spending millions and millions of dollars on his campaign, they have unlimited money to just try and destroy Oz. But they want to destroy this great warrior and a truly nice person. They’re not gonna do it. And they’re also the people ripping off the United States with bad trade deals, open borders, and every other thing that the people in this audience will never stand for, and you fully reject.” 


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