MILESTONE EDITION – John Fetterman Basement Tracker Day 90

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — It has been a milestone 90 days since John Fetterman’s last public campaign event, which is the same as 7,776,000 seconds, 129,600 minutes, 2,160 hours, about 3 months, or nearly 25 percent of the 2022 calendar year!

Over the course of that time (as anyone familiar with the 21/90 rule will note) John Fetterman has established not just a habitfor avoiding Pennsylvania voters and the press, but a basement-dwelling lifestyle of not talking about his extreme and dangerous views with the people of Pennsylvania.

“It’s remarkable that John Fetterman could hide from Pennsylvania voters and the media for this long. Pennsylvanians deserve to have their questions answered about John Fetterman’s radical views. He remains focused on doing his best to avoid having to answer for never working a real job, not paying his taxes, and living off of his trust fund. Or perhaps he should answer for his past support for releasing one-third of Pennsylvania’s inmate population, imposing the Green New Deal and sanctuary cities, banning fracking in Pennsylvania, and raising taxes,” said Communications Director Brittany Yanick. 


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