Top 10 Reasons Fetterman Pulled Out of KDKA-TV Debate

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. — Doctor Oz’s campaign released the Top 10 Reasons John Fetterman Pulled Out of KDKA-TV Debate: 

  1. Scared of Doctor Oz
  2. Campaign staff are worried Fetterman might talk about releasing convicted murderers from prison (again).
  3. “Taking questions from reporters IN PERSON…ICK!” John Fetterman hasn’t done that in months!
  4. Scared of Jon Delano
  5. Might accidentally reveal a health condition that’s worse than previously disclosed!
  6. Debate takes place after 7pm — way too late!
  7. Debate would have lasted 60 minutes — way too long!
  8. Scared of Ray Petelin
  9. Stretching Labor Day into a FOUR day weekend!? Alright! 
  10. Parents refused to pay for the gas to drive to debate.

No matter what the reason is, John Fetterman is still too crazy to be Pennsylvania’s next United States Senator. 


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